What is The Coincidence Authority?

“Everything that happens, happens for a reason …”

Have you ever heard it said that, ‘everything that happens, happens for a reason?’ It’s a view of life that many believe.  The universe, goes the theory, has a plan for all our lives, and surprising events often occur to help make those plans come true.

So could there be any way to design an experiment to test if this idea could possibly be true?

Having studied coincidence at length, I believe there is. I believe we can test it by measuring coincidences. If the universe is interfering with our lives, then coincidences should happen more often than we might expect.  Even more importantly, if we have a sensation that the universe has a plan for our lives, we should, from time to time, be able to predict the next coincidence.

I need you, members of the public, to  tell me about your most unexplainable coincidences. Not only will you have the chance to take part in this exciting experiment, but you could also win a signed copy of The Coincidence Authority – the story of my encounter with the remarkable Azalea Lewis. We will publish the coincidence stories here on our site.

Then, if you can, please try to forecast the next big coincidence that you believe will happen to you. Your experience could be part of an important experiment to determine if the universe really is the random place that scientists have always believed.

Then, if your prediction has indeed come to pass, please come back and let us know.